Children's Academy at Loch Haven


Your Preschooler’s Day…

Your preschooler will thrive in an environment full of well rounded activities led by experienced and qualified teachers. Our early learning program and curriculum are designed to develop cognitive and social skills, speech and fine/gross motor skills. Our developmental Christian curriculum takes your child through activities that build a strong spiritual and academic foundation. Each day, teachers plan activities for the children to learn through art projects, blocks, toys and dramatic play. Children are encouraged to participate in pre-reading and writing, science, art, music, math, and self-help skills. Through literacy, children are taught and develop a love for words and language. Children develop oral communication and imagination through making up stories and playing word games. Motor skills are perfected as children climb on outside play structures, ride tricycles, kick balls and run. Music is a part of the daily activities where children enjoy singing and dancing which encourages body movement. Preschoolers develop skills that they will take into their formal learning years.