Children's Academy at Loch Haven

COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly brought about fears, change and subsequently interrupted our lives. Though many establishments closed during the coronavirus crisis, Children’s Academy at Loch Haven has remained open as we support our community and essential workers. We are closely following the recommendations of the CDC as well as state and local health authorities. 

We have the following preventative measures and operating procedures in place to help keep children and staff safe:

Limited access – Parents will NOT be permitted to enter the academy beyond the designated drop-off and pick up area. 

Taking temperature – Temperatures will be taken for all children and staff upon entering the academy and every 4 hours throughout the day. 

Protective face coverings – Masks have been provided for staff to wear when working at the academy.

Hand washing – Children and staff will practice hand washing frequently; when entering the academy and throughout the day using warm water and rubbing with soap for at least 20 seconds. 

Wellness checks – Conduct daily wellness checks throughout the day for Covid-19 symptoms. 

Meals – Stop family style meal service, no more self-serve. Staff will serve meals to children.

Groups – Group numbers will be decreased, as much as possible, to reduce the spread of germs. Groups will stay together throughout the day and will not be combined with other groups in the mornings or afternoons. 

Cleanliness – It is important to keep all areas cleaned and sanitized at all times.

  • More frequent practices of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and items in classrooms. 
  • All soft items will be laundered regularly to be properly cleaned and disinfected. 
  • Mouth and high contact toys that must be disinfected immediately to ensure effective germ removal. 
  • Remove shared sensory items such as play dough, finger paints, etc. 
  • Stop the use of all group shared items, instead, provide experiences with individual materials for each child which are then cleaned and sanitized immediately after use.
  • Increase the frequency in which you clean and disinfect toys. 

Communication – Our goal to stay in regular communication with parents regarding any updates and policy changes in respect to the ever-changing world. We communicate with parents through the Remind app and emails. Please sign up to be on our email list.